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Is meditation for everyone?


We offer time out a short course in meditation. Sitting. Just sitting, that’s all. Simple to learn - you can pick up the technique in minutes - but you can keep doing it for a lifetime and still discover something new each day.

Although the practice of meditation involves sitting still, seemingly doing nothing, the application in everyday life is a matter of remembering to flip from one point of view to another. The more you remember to do that, the more you gain a feeling of freedom and relief; but overcoming a lifetime’s habits takes daily practice and effort. It’s not a quick fix for everything in your life.

Time out is non-religious.

It’s for people who are curious about how their minds work and how they can reduce stress and anxiety, but who don’t want incence, bells, robes or candles.

Meditation techniques have been taught in a religious context for centuries. I have no argument with those rich and generous traditions - indeed most Bspace techniques are Buddhist in origin. I believe, however, that many modern people are missing out on information that could make a difference to their daily lives because of an aversion to religious talk or vague New Age imagery. Bspace gives you the bare essentials - a starting position from which you move in whatever religious or psychological direction you want.

Time out is an introduction.

For many people it will be all they ever need to know about meditation. It is not a deep spiritual tradition, a therapy or a comprehensive psychological model.

Bspace aims to ‘lighten the load’ - to make your life easier. It doesn’t claim to be an Answer, nor to provide a path to psychological fulfilment or spiritual enlightenment. Some Yoga devotees may look down their noses at the simple teaching going on in local evening classes. Sure, it isn’t a spiritual tradition, but nevertheless thousands of people are becoming a little more supple, feeling a little less pain. Bspace hopes to do the same thing for meditation. If you take Bspace and find you want to delve deeper, there are links and recommendations.



Is meditation for everyone? Is meditation for everyone? Generally yes, especially at this level, which is very much 'try it and see'. The only note of caution I'd add is that if you are going through a particularly difficult emotional time, you shouldn't expect an introductory meditation practice to suddenly make everything fine again.

You'll have more to work with, but it will feel harder at first. Equally, if you're suffering from serious depression, schizophrenia or other mental difficulties, take medical advice before starting meditation. It may not help you at all, or your medication may make it harder for you to do the practice.

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